Ancient Galactic Lore

Long Ago in a galaxy not so far away…..

There was a time were the gods walked among us, a galaxy so well connected and peaceful it attracted an Evil, One that could sense these Gods and there holiness, with a hatred for them and a lust for there power.

To protect the Galacticats the 6 gods locked themselves away , transferring there power and spirit into different yarn , Through Metamorphosis, the evil could no longer sense the presence of the gods and they could still live on in spirit, in Galactic yarn,

Galacticats live on , but scattered and looking to find there kin, to connect . life is not the same the Evil still lurks in deep space searching,

there was very few cats who knew where the gods locked themselves away, they were left behind as true warriors…..the last line…..guardians of the Gods 🛡️

Behold, the weavers of the stars, protectors of Galactic yarn, 🧶✨

Coming soon….🚀

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