⛓️Why Cardano?

Cardano offers distinct advantages over competing blockchain networks. Their decision to use peer-reviewed code and adopt a scientific philosophy guarantees code quality and a well-thought-out architecture set out to solve the blockchain trilemma of security, scalability, and decentralization.

Cardano was our number one choice due to its security, scalability, and the extent to which it is becoming decentralized. Cardano boasts a devoted community, and it is still a relatively new ecosystem in terms of DeFi and NFTs, presenting ample opportunities for development. With recent protocols like MESH, Aiken, Lucid, and more, the process of development has become significantly more streamlined compared to just six months ago.

Beyond its community, Cardano has established robust partnerships and collaborations with organizations and companies eager to embrace and bolster the platform's potential. Such alliances can serve as valuable assets for developers seeking additional support and resources to embark on Cardano projects. For developers in pursuit of a secure, scalable, and sustainable blockchain platform brimming with innovative features, Cardano stands out as an excellent choice.

we are a crosschain friendly project and will never limit ourselves to just one blockchain, though cardano is definatly our home.

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